Trellis Centre - Cape cod chairs | Garden gates | Loveseats | Gazebos Shipped to your doorThe Adirondack chair was not always known by that name. According to the Adirondack Museum in the Blue Mountain Lake, New York. It started its life as the Westport Chair named after a small town close by the Adirondack Mountains on the edge of Lake Champlain.
Thomas Lee first worked out the design of the chair around 1900. Vacationing at his family house Stony Sides along with 22 relatives, He set about designing a truly comfortable outdoor chair nailing boards together on the front lawn. With research as his guide, he built a chair with a sloping seat and back. Each chair was made from a single pine board and with wide armrests that became a hallmark of the Adirondack style. His creation might never have become famous, except that Lee offered the design to a friend in Westport who was in dire need of a source of winter income.

Without asking Lees permission Bunnell filed for a patent on the Westport Chair in 1904. For the next twenty years, Bunnell manufactured the original Westport Chair and sold them throughout the region.
The Trellis Centre produces superior quality Adirondack style garden chairs at a reasonable cost. Made from Macrocarpa or kwila timber using stainless steel screws to prevent rust runs they come to you ready to paint or stain to a colour of your choice. This furniture is in high demand and at certain times supplies are limited.

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